Duke & Earl

Reaching 'Insane' New Heights

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We’ve just received news that our ‘insane blobbing’ viral has the reached the dizzying new heights of popularity on YouTube with over 100,000 hits.

Insane Blobbing? “What’s this” I hear you cry? Well, back in March Duke created a viral video for the charity Give More which showcased a more than mildly dangerous stunt involving a 100 ton crane, stuntmen, scaffolding and a huge body of water.

The result was a funny and creative way of getting this new charity’s name out there, with the aim of encouraging the general public to to literally Give More.

That wasn’t all…
…a few weeks after the release of the video we received the news that we had gone viral across the pond, when the clip was featured on the Ellen Degeneres show! Judging by the reaction of her live studio audience it appears we had achieved our own aim of fooling the public into believing that the stunt itself was real. Either way, it put a smile on people’s faces, created a talking point and got seen by 100,000 people. Most importantly, we got the name Give More out into the public consciousness, resulting in a huge uplift in the number of independent visits to the Give More campaign site and pledges to do more for charity.

You can see the video and Ellen’s reaction here :-