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Myla – A Present From Myla

Interactive E-Commerce

Persuading men to buy top quality lingerie for their partners may not appear the trickiest of marketing assignments, but it’s tougher than it looks.

Whereas women tend to buy lingerie for themselves throughout the year, guys are much more likely to purchase for other halves in the Christmas season or for Valentine’s Day. The poor fellows also tend to be indecisive and shyer than one might imagine when confronted with such an intimate purchase.

Myla’s interactive Christmas buyer’s guide helps men buy lingerie by asking about the girl for whom the outfit is intended and recommending the best Myla product based on those answers. Since the customer is aided by a delectable, user selected Myla girl, any right minded chap is inclined to try the buyer’s guide again. And again.

The application therefore offered measurable returns as well as (forgive us) increased brand exposure.